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"BANSHODO" is the publishing company in Japan which publishes books, such as arts & design, music, and a picture-book.

Things of all the universes were called "Shinra-Bansho" and the wonderful power is taken in as an everyday thing in Japan for many years.
It is born with human beings' history and the cherished intellect, culture, and art give us courage and the indicator of thinking and action also by the time of when.
They serve as a book, it is told from people to people, and a new life continues being useful.

We consider that a book is also "Shinra-Bansho" From such a thing, we named our publishing company "BANSHODO".

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Written by Norihiko Hirata (text), Tae Nakamura (picture)

HAL of the rabbit which helped YUU of the PET bottle which became a lost is showing the place to which YUU's should go. The place which arrived soon ....

Anythings are gently spoken to [ that there is a life and ] through the Regeneration tale of a PET bottle. We recommend you the schools of a low age group at the home to which the child of a schoolchild comes from a kindergarten again. It is the picture-book which cherishes the heart of recycling with children.

Sample Pages

Robert Johnson Blues Lyrics in Japanese
ISBN4-902324-01-6 (It sells only in Japan)
Written by Robert Johnson
Japanese Transration by Shinsuke Toriumi

A legendary genius who reformed the blues and died young, Robert Johnson's whole aspect. The 1930s. Mississippi in the southern United States. A singing voice with deep coloring, and the man who made clear the darkness which oneself holds in the fascinating sound of a slide guitar. There, it was the song as useful will.

It is the collection of words which translated into Japanese that Robert Johnson's song could understand in Japanese.
The English text did not carry but has carried only Japanese.
The blues man, Robert Johnson who recorded only 29 music and accomplished the death of a mystery by the youth of 27 years old. It is the rare musician who made the blues reform by the words which pierced through the song of a wonderful rich performance and power of expression, and deep introspection, and having great influence also on subsequent music, such as Rock'n Roll, is being continued. A total of 29 music is the new translation which reviewed the original words and a meaning. Lively Japanese makes the blues emerge. Moreover, the detailed biographical sketch after death was also attached while in life. The root of American. music, the blues. The world of one person the starting point's and Robert Johnson's words is clarified.
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Hanae Shibusawa Paintings
Painting by Hanae Shibusawa

Mrs. Hanae Shibusawa's book of paintings.She is the Japanese painter who introduced the methodology of writing art into pictures. This is her first book.
A traditional aesthetic sense of Japan serves as new reality, and revives in the present age.

The original beauty world drawn by the keen forcible touch. Vigor of the forcible brush which was chosen and had an inevitable opinion, and exquisite drawing. And deep space where silence and violence cross. There, the soul in which it is given deep that reality is a vitality is overflowing. It has selected and recorded from the series especially whose popularity was high the "Hong Kong tale" carried by Asahi Shimbun, and "a Japanese inheritance." Moreover, 28 plates were selected carefully from "the SHUKAN ASAHI cover" which called a big reputation, and new "vegetable drawing." The masterpieces which leave a glaringly vivid impression were collected by strong impact, brief color, and simple drawing.
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